What Size Rug?

What Size Rug?

Five Expert Tips for Sizing an Area Rug to a Room

These five pointers gives you everything you need to determine the best area rug size for your room. Your first task is to measure the room you are putting the rugs in. Then, just follow these expert tips: 

1. Exposed Floor of 18 Inches: An easy rule to remember is to allow at least 18” of exposed flooring between the rug’s edges and the wall. This gives good balance to the space. Some contemporary designs extend area rugs closer to the wall – a bold design idea that some homeowners might contemplate.

    2. Furniture Legs – Off or On the Rug?

A good rule of thumb is that all furniture around the rug should have the same number of legs on the area rug: All, two or none. All legs on an area rug pulls an area together, providing visual cohesion. Front or back legs only is the most common choice—it allows the rug to connect the furniture, but also gives air around the rug. If you have a smaller accent rug that you want to highlight, no legs is the best choice.

3. Around a Bed

Experts recommend 12-18” of rug extending beyond the bed (12” on a full or twin, 18” on a queen or king). Less than that will be out of proportion and the rug will look too small for the space. If you choose to have an area rug that does not go under the bed, but rather sits at the foot of the bed, the rug should be wider than the bed frame. An accent rug on either side of the bed is an affordable alternative that looks balanced and attractive.

4. Under a Dining Table

You will want 24” or more of the rug extending beyond the table. It can be hard to find the table-to-chair-to-rug combo that makes this possible, but it will save your chairs (and wood flooring) if you always have all four feet on the rug, rather than half on and half off.

5. Hallways

For standard hallways (3’ wide), leave 4 to 5 inches of exposed flooring on each side. Larger hallways should leave about 6” on each side. In either case, choose the closest width that is available. Length follows the same rules, but not all rugs come in longer lengths. That is OK, just choose a rug size so people enter the hallway either completely on or off the rug. 



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