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Personalized Pillows: Our Most Popular Gift Idea

Personalized pillows allow you to give a gift that will always be remembered. Mark special occasions or events; celebrate a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday; express love for a favorite place; or put a name or pet’s name right on a pillow. Choose Chandler 4 Corners’ most popular gift idea and make the memories last forever.... view more

The Courage in Art

We love our artists. They see art as connection between their vision and our hearts. To make that connection work, designers must have courage. Every week our lead designer Laura Megroz bravely offers up artistic ideas to our product team knowing we will analyze, criticize, and even redesign.... view more

Hand Hooked Rugs and Pillows: About the Craft

Nothing brings a coziness to the floors of your home more than a hand-hooked wool rug, which gives feet comfort and warms the heart, and hand-hooked pillows, which brings beauty and relaxation to couches, beds, and chairs. Today, hooked rugs, pillows, and home accessories are celebrated as works of art created by skilled artisans, but they had humble beginnings in 19th-century weaving mills.... view more

Laura Megroz – She Just Knows

There are moments when you walk into someone’s home and you just know. You know that they’ve paid attention to the details that make a house a home.... view more

Winner of June Wholesale On-line Sign-up Announced!

We are thrilled to announce Virginia Roth from The Bradley House in Warren VT as the winner of our June wholesale account on-line sign up contest. Virginia will be enjoying a wonderful gift basket put together by our good friends at Mother Myrick's in Manchester Center, Vermont. And Thank You to all who entered the contest, ... view more

Designer Laura Megroz announces her new website

Laura Megroz, who has designed just about every item here at Chandler 4 Corners, has launched her new website Get an interesting look at what she regards as major influences of her art, what inspires her and view a number of her originals, many of which you find adorning our hooked rugs, pillows and... view more

President Obama's designer Michael Smith loves the SIT pillow...

Interior designer Michael Smith, who recently completed a redesign of the Oval Office, has great things to say about our SIT pillow! Listed as one of his favorite things in the OCtober 6th edition of People Magazine, Smiths says "This is super charming wth that classic American look." This is very much what Chandler 4... view more

High Stools and Long Benches: New Products, New Designs from Leading Hand-Hooked Rug & Pillow Purveyor

Henry Chandler, President of Chandler 4 Corners, is delighted to announce new 2011 products along with new designs by Vermont artist Laura Megroz, enhancing the company’s celebrated lines of hand-hooked pillows, rugs and home accessories. The new additions include tall stools and 4-foot benches which will be on view at the winter home shows in... view more

Vermont Company Garnering Sales from Unlikely Pairing: Pennsylvania Amish Skills Join with Handwork from India to Give Chandler 4 Corners Distinct Furniture Line

Manchester Center, VT Woodworking skills handed down over generations in Old Order Amish workshops in Pennsylvania combine with hand-hooking artistry half a world away to make a hugely popular line of accent furniture. The evidence of today’s global marketplace is in clear view at Chandler 4 Corners, a Vermont-based importer and... view more

Have a Town With a Name? Chandler 4 Corners Has New Pillow Choices to Customize and a Fantastic Opportunity for Retailers

Here is a great opportunity for gift shops and home accessory retailers. People are commemorating vacations and holidays much differently today, seeking items of distinction and value. No more tee shirts or tote bags, now the popular items are Private Label handhooked pillows and even rugs! Demand has increased and... view more