Wool-Comfort™ Dog Beds

Give Your Dog the Best Night’s Sleep

Our wool cover dog beds provide the right elements for a sound and comfortable rest. Wool-Comfort™ Dog Beds regulate to your dog’s body temperature, provide natural allergy and odor resistance, deliver health benefits, and are easy to own and clean.

Every dog bed cover is designed by an accomplished artist. Each cover is handcrafted by artisans using premium wools. We know you will love and appreciate them as much as your dog does!

Manchester, VT Headquarters Naturally relaxing and healthy for your dog!

Wool-Comfort™ Dog Beds for Superior Sleep

Keep Your Pet Comfortable, Fresh, and Healthy

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Regulates to Your Dog’s Body Temperature

Natural Cooling and Heating: When the air is dry and warm our covers naturally release moisture to keep your pet cool. During cold spells, the wool absorbs moisture, releasing heat and warmth.

Extraordinary Breathability: Unlike synthetic dog beds, our wool fibers naturally allow air to flow. This prevents your dog from feeling clammy, keeping your pet dry and comfortable all night long.

Natural Allergy and Odor Resistance

Helps Prevent Allergies: Our wool covers are hypoallergenic. The wool fibers naturally resist and repel allergy-inducing bacteria growth and dust mites (mites hate wool!).

Fights Odors and Smells: Help keep your dog and bed feeling and smelling fresh. Our wool covers naturally repel the growth of odor-causing mold and mildew.

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A Healthy Sleep for Your Dog

No Irritating Chemicals: Synthetic dog covers have added chemicals that let off toxins which can lead to health problems. Our wool covers are made with all-natural fibers and no added chemicals.

Helps Relieve Joint Pain: Our wool dog covers have a natural crimp, giving them a springy support that relieves pain pressure points. While synthetics lose resiliency with age, wool stays supportive forever.

Our Dog Beds: Easy to Clean, Easier to Own

Removable Cover: Covers are easily removed for cleaning. You may spot clean with cold water and a mild detergent, or machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Always air dry!

Naturally Stain Resistant: Our wool dog covers are naturally resistant to soiling and oil-based liquids. Wool repels dirt and oily liquids, helping to maintain cleanliness in appearance and smell.

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The Leaders in Wool Dog Beds

Our Wool-Comfort Dog Beds are Decorative and Long-Lasting

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  • Choose from a variety of beautiful, designer styles that will accent your home.

  • Covers are handcrafted using premium wool for long-lasting comfort.

  • Available in three sizes. We have the perfect fitting dog bed for your pet.

  • All Chandler 4 Corners products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.