We Love Lake and Lodge Living

We Love Lake and Lodge Living

There’s nothing quite like the rustic charm of lake and lodge living for pure relaxation. Imagine spending a restful afternoon on the front porch of a lovely Adirondack cabin. The scent of pine and woodsmoke is in the air. Beyond, the lake glimmers through the trees. All is quiet but for the wood thrush and the occasional plash of a paddle from an unseen canoe. Every-day cares drift away like puffy white clouds. Sounds like pure heaven. Doesn’t it? We think so.

Designs That Inspire and Refresh

No matter where you call home, that rustic camp lifestyle stays with you, long after vacation is over. That’s what inspires our timeless Lake and Lodge collection. Sylvan scenes reimagined in handsome hand-hooked wool to create pillows and rugs that celebrate the great outdoors, indoors!

Meaningful Home Décor

Add a little fun and frolic to your rooms with your favorite Lake and Lodge patterns. Choose from spirited motifs that celebrate summer camp and the great outdoors! Canoes and paddles. Moose, bear and trout. A classic Adirondack-style chair or a cozy log cabin. Birches, pinecones and acorns. Mountain and lake views.

Hand-crafted and Heirloom Quality

A large rug is a remarkable way to create instant atmosphere in any space. You may want to tuck in a few throw pillows here and there, too; our carefully chosen color palette and wide range of related thematic elements make it easy to coordinate the designs you love most. They’ll effortlessly enhance just about any décor!



For over a quarter century, Chandler 4 Corners has made high quality, hand-crafted, artist-designed decorative accents. We commission accomplished artists to design home décor that expresses your passion for the out-of-doors, gladdens your heart,