Stylish Dog Beds That Enhance Your Decor

A Good Dog Deserves a Great Dog Bed

Dogs give their humans unconditional love and devotion—they’re always there with a happy tail wag and a slurpy kiss, just when we need it most. And humans who love their dogs want the best for them. As long-time dog-lovers ourselves, we know what it takes to keep our canine companions healthy and happy—good food, plenty of water, playtime, and a place of their own where they can rest and relax with the rest of the pack.

That’s why we came up with our new Wool-Comfort dog beds. We’ve shopped around for dog beds, and seen it all. We designed ours to provide your dog with the ultimate comfort, while offering your home a handsome alternative to the usual cutesy, under-stuffed choices you see in most stores.

The Ultimate in Comfort for Your Dog

Our Wool-Comfort dog beds are hand-woven of premium wool in classic designs and look great in any décor. Not only that, wool helps regulate body temperature and provides natural allergy and odor resistance. Durable canvas on the bottom helps the bed to stay put on the floor, and the cover is completely removable for cleaning. You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and the quality, and your dog will love the cushiony comfort. We think it’s the best doggone dog bed on the market!