Laura Megroz – She Just Knows

There are moments when you walk into someone’s home and you just know. You know that they’ve paid attention to the details that make a house a home. You know that they’ve hand-picked each decorative accent instead of purchasing pre-set bundles. You know these accents were chosen with intention. These are the homes where designer Laura Megroz’s creations thrive. Charming and sophisticated, Laura’s designs leave you feeling welcomed in every environment.

Where does Laura get the inspiration to create these wonderful decorative accents? The answer is that she lives in one of the most beautiful places in the country – the Green Mountains of southern Vermont. Just outside her window, in the charming mountain town of Londonderry, Vermont, is a playful array of inspiration; outdoor scenes that change with every season. Laura designs to the rhythm of the life she leads – the country life, skiing, wildlife, hiking, historic villages and the natural landscapes that surround her. Her beautiful designs appear on textile artwork, pillows, rugs chair pads and more.

This artistry and craftsmanship has led to a partnership with Chandler 4 Corners, who sells tens of thousands of home accents to more than a thousand stores and catalogs across the United States and abroad, demonstrating Laura’s appeal to many walks of life. Her decor accents appear in multiple national catalogs including: William Sonoma, L.L. Bean, Crate & Barrel, Orvis and Sundance.

Henry Chandler, Co-founder of Chandler 4 Corners, says, "Laura has her finger on the pulse of what people like, where things are going, and what our customers are excited about. No one goes out looking for a Chandler 4 Corners pillow, but if they happen upon one in a store or online they might think, 'Oh, isn't that wonderful,' or 'that's just like my dog,' or 'My friend would love that,' and they buy that pillow to sit on a couch. It’s affirming of their lifestyle."

Knowing how people will react to her designs is part of Laura’s charm. In a world where things tend to move quickly, Laura reminds us to appreciate the beautiful details that surround us every day. Described often as "approachable yet sophisticated", her work fits snugly into your lakeside cabin, mountaintop refuge, seaside cottage, or your urban flat. Any environment that calls for a dabble of warmth and color.

"There's a whole sense of family rootedness and a sense of belonging that we hope we are generating when people buy our stuff,” said Chandler 4 Corners Co-founder David Chandler. “They’re grounded in those good, solid values we all dream about. It’s family. It’s shared memories and traditions. It’s a way of reconnecting to our roots. And, Laura Megroz's designs do just that.

For 20 years, Laura Megroz has been helping shape our home accents to give it that "wow" factor. The feeling, when you walk into a room, that you just know someone has cared to make you feel at home. She connects from her heart to ours. She leans into our lives through her designs and invites us to appreciate the beauty in life. The beauty that's right outside our windows.



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