Hand Hooked Rugs and Pillows: About the Craft

Introduction to Hand Hooking

Nothing brings a coziness to the floors of your home more than a hand-hooked wool rug, which gives feet comfort and warms the heart, and hand-hooked pillows, which brings beauty and relaxation to couches, beds, and chairs. Today, hooked rugs, pillows, and home accessories are celebrated as works of art created by skilled artisans, but they had humble beginnings in 19th-century weaving mills.

The Humble Beginnings of Hand Hooking

Mill workers in Yorkshire, England, are often cited as being the first craftspeople to make hand hooked rugs. The Industrial Revolution transformed them into a standard household feature thanks to these factory laborers who took up the craft of hand-hooking. Mill scraps called thrums were free for workers to take. After a day’s work, they would collect the thrums, take them home, and use a crotchet style hook with a wooden handle to pull them through a backing.

Rug Hooking Comes to America

Although floor coverings were commonplace in England, they did not arrive in the United States until the 1830s. Initially considered the “craft of the poor,” women in New England began using scraps of any material, often cutting up empty burlap bags from the animal feed store and using the yarn for weaving and knitting.

Rug Hooking Becomes an Artform

The rise of factories and machine-made rugs almost made hand hooked rugs obsolete. But William Winthrop Kent, architect and hooked rug expert, saved the craft by writing three books, promoting an appreciation for previously made rugs, and encouraging a continuation of the art. Pearl McGowan, a designer and artist, began teaching rug hooking in the 1930s, also helping to advance the craft. Like quilts, hand-hooked rugs and pillows are now creative expressions of treasured family values and memories, and today it is considered fine art.

Introducing Hand-Hooked Pillows

Based in historic Manchester, Vermont, Chandler 4 Corners introduced hand-hooked wool pillows to the home décor market in the mid-1990s. The company’s products were a success and developed a loyal following of customers, as well as imitators. After all these years, we continue to be the leaders in hooked wool décor due to our commitment to authentic artist design, handcrafted quality, and premium materials. Treating our customers well and has earned us a cherished place in homes across the country.

One of a Kind Craftsmanship

All our hooked wool products are made by hand by skilled artisans who are masters of their craft. Every Chandler 4 Corners hooked wool pillow, rug, and accessory in your home is made with the care that comes from one of a kind craftsmanship.

Artist-Designed Home Decor

Lead designer Laura Megroz has helped shape the look of Chandler 4 Corners products for more than two decades. Her inspiration and artistry capture the natural beauty of the vast outdoors and pleasure found in the mountains and forests or on the lakes and oceans. Laura leads a team of accomplished artists based in Vermont and across New England who create these highly prized designs that adorn our rugs, pillows, and home decor.

Premium, Sustainable, Natural Wool

Our hand-hooked rugs, pillows, and home accessories are made with 100% natural wool that includes the finest New Zealand wool, for heirloom-quality home décor that captures the essence of American traditions. Functionally, wool has significant advantages to other materials as a natural fiber that is easy to care for, environmentally friendly, and durable.

The Leaders in Hooked-Wool Home Décor

For over a quarter-century, Chandler 4 Corners has made premium quality, handcrafted, artist-designed home décor accents that help you bring life home. We commission accomplished artists to create rugs, pillows, and accessories that express your passion for the out-of-doors, and our customers consider them treasured heirlooms.

A Part of the Family

We believe our customers are part of the family, so we are committed to making sure you are happy with your purchase. The Chandler brothers proudly stand behind everything they make and guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you’re not 100% pleased with your item, contact us and we’ll make it right.



For over a quarter century, Chandler 4 Corners has made high quality, hand-crafted, artist-designed decorative accents. We commission accomplished artists to design home décor that expresses your passion for the out-of-doors, gladdens your heart,