Stripes and Stars

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Our beautiful patriotic decorative accents are the perfect way to show your pride. Use our American flag, stars and stripes, states, places, and Canadian Maple Leaf pillows as a beautiful accent for couches, chairs, and beds. We commission celebrated Vermont artists, like Laura Megroz, to create beautiful designs for our patriotic pillows and rugs.

Star On Blue

(4" x 4" x 1")
Whether its the Northstar or a patriotic star, our Star On Blue hooked wool coaster is a great summer table accent.

White Star on Blue

(14" x 14" x 1")
A lone white star against a bold navy backdrop. Designed in Vermont by Laura Megroz.

Brilliant White Star On Blue

(8" x 12" x 5")
Celebrate your love of the U.S.A. than with one of our patriotic Brilliant White Star On Blue Hooked Wool Pillows

Hot White Star On Red

(8" x 12" x 5")
Celebrate your love of country with our patriotic Hot White Star On Red hooked wool pillow.

Blue Fire Stars

(18" x 18" x 5")
Bold white stars display against a navy-blue background depict that clean coastal look that screams nautical. The pe...
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Many Stars Red and White on Blue

(18" x 18" x 5")
This exciting patriotic pillow celebrates our nation with all the right colors, red, white, and blue. Decorate with...
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Nantucket Red Stars

(24" x 48" x 1")

Stars On Blue

(30" x 96" x 1")
Country stars on vivid navy take on a patriotic flair. Your home will shout summer, barbecues and fireworks with thi...

Blue Stars

(60" x 60" x 1")
A pattern of perfectly crafted blue stars in a sea of blue. This large round rug will make the perfect nautical deco...