Trees and Leaves

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Our beautiful trees and outdoor inspired stools with hand hooked wool seats are perfect for country-inspired homes and lodges. Use our trees and leaves stools, featuring apple trees, fall foliage and more as beautiful accents for your kitchen or living space. Our hand hooked seats feature a 100% natural and non-allergenic wool blend that incorporates pure New Zealand wool, recognized for superior comfort, breathability, and lasting quality.

Diamond Pine

(12" x 12" x 12")
This cricket stool brings the feeling of the Diamond Pine and autumn into your own home. Designed in Vermont by Laura...

Northwoods Cones

(12" x 12" x 12")
This stool is adorned with a comfortable and rustic north-woods motif, and filled with pine cones that will add a com...

Ruby Pinecones

(15" x 17" x 15")
Another in the Ruby Pinecones collection, this barstool offers a splash of color to your home, office, lodge, or cabi...