Wool Rugs

Our distinctive and beautiful 100% natural, non-allergenic, hooked-wool rugs incorporate pure New Zealand wool, recognized for superior comfort and lasting quality. Built on a cotton backing for strength, our soft wool rugs are a pleasure to walk on. Each rug is designed by celebrated Vermont artists like Laura Megroz, and add beauty to hallways, entryways and living areas.

Cinnamon Buffalo

(36" x 36" x 1")
A buffalo, the proud symbol of the western plains, stands beautifully against a bright red background framed by a col...

Diamond Pine

(60" x 60" x 12")
This classic pinecones on green design is a perfect addition to your mountain home's entryway, kitchen or bedroom.

Blue Stars

(60" x 60" x 1")
A pattern of perfectly crafted blue stars in a sea of blue. This large round rug will make the perfect nautical deco...

River Fish

(60" x 60" x 1")
A pattern of beautifully crafted and colorful trout and other river fish swim against a background of textured black....