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Our beautiful western and native American hand hooked pillows are perfect for country-inspired homes and lodges. Use our cowboy, elk, buffalo and native American pillows as a beautiful accent for couches, chairs and beds. Our hand hooked pillows feature a 100% natural and non-allergenic wool blend that incorporates pure New Zealand wool, recognized for superior comfort, breathability and lasting quality.

Plush Buffalo

This buffalo comes to life with texture and dimension on this plush pillow with a rich crimson red background. A time...
From $79.00

Longhorn Steer

The long horns of this steer amidst a simple, yet vibrant orange background will make any head turn that enters your...
From $79.00

Bunk House

Welcome to the bunkhouse! With this word, you remember gatherings, reunions, parties and even summer camp. Set agai...


"Howdy" in a word, welcomes you to a world of adventures. By placing this 8" x 24" hooked pillow in your home, lodg...


We won't steer you wrong. This longhorn pillow is western to the core. It will stare you down and stir up lots of i...

Wild West

Welcome to the Wild West. With this 8" x 24" hooked pillow brightening up your home, ranch, or bunkhouse you can op...


Celebrate your favorite cowboy with the perfect, timeless pillow! Grab one of these pillows to show your appreciation...
From $79.00


Honor your favorite cowgirl with the perfect, timeless pillow! Grab one of these pillows to show your appreciation fo...
From $79.00
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Buffalo on Gold

This magnificent Golden Buffalo hand-hooked pillow brings the West, with its endless golden plains, right to your cou...
From $79.00
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Buffalo Head on Green

A great close-up of a buffalo profile portraying the sense of power and scale of these magnificent creatures. The mas...
From $79.00

Cowpoke Boots

Cowboy boots are in style these days! Show your stylish, western side with this pair of brown wool boots that have a...
From $79.00

Golden Elk

Nature lovers everywhere admire the grandeur of elk. They are magical and magnificent creatures of the forest and for...
From $79.00
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Rusty Spurs on Black

What a fun, timeless contrast! These big spurs in rusty orange-brown stand out so well on a deep black background, ac...
From $79.00

Howdy Man Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat that is sure to affirm your Western love. A beautifully rendered brown cowboy hat with dashing red band...
From $79.00