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Our beautiful fish and lobster inspired decorative pillows are perfect for coastal homes and beach houses. Use our decorative pillows depicting swimming trout, red lobsters and nautical scenes as a beautiful accent for couches, chairs, and beds. Our distinctive 100% natural, non-allergenic, wool-blend pillow covers incorporate pure New Zealand wool, recognized for superior comfort, breathability, and lasting quality.


This black whale on a vibrant red background is a timeless accessory for your home or coastal cottage. Designed in V...

Moby Dick White

Many a fish have known the likes of Moby Dick, the famous while whale who is found here on a navy blue background. D...

High Seas White Whale

See a spout, watch out! Don't get too near. This white whale has come up for air in rough seas. Designed in Vermont...

Wavy Whale

The white-capped, wavy seas are a perfect playground for this whale swimming towards the light house. Designed in Ve...

Wish Upon A Starfish

Remember walking down the seaocast on a warm summer's day and finding a starfish? Bring those memories home and wish...

Whale in Water

Our Whale is having a lovely day dancing across the water. Perfect nautical colors make this pillow the perfect fini...
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