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Diamond Pine

Bring the outdoors in with this forest inspired pillow. The beautiful dark greens and browns are accented by a pop of...
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A school of colorful trout swim on a black and grey background. Whether you're a fisherman or just a fish fan this a...
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Northwoods Moose

A strolling moose surrounded by pinecones, trees and oh my - a bear. A perfect pair with our Northwoods Bear pillow....
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Night Moose

A common New England scene - a moose out on an evening stroll through the wilderness, and right into your cabin, lodg...
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Bear In The Woods

This lifelike representation of 2 bears in the woods will brigthen up your home, lodge, or cabin. With a blue backgr...

Ruby Cones

Big brown pinecones dangling from the tree branches are beautifully set against a vibrant ruby red background. What...

Steelhead Trout Red

The steelhead trout image on this 8" X 24" wool hand-hooked pillow is as large as life. Appearing as if it will slip...

Beige Moose

This 8" x 24" hooked wool pillow depicts two moose wandering into your home, lodge, or cabin. Set against a beige ba...

Birch Bears on Red

This image of 3 bears against a bold red background and inside of a birch bark border brings the wilderness into your...


Whether you are camping, or simply decorating your camp, this 8" x 24" hooked pillow will brighten up your home, lodg...


Looking at this pillow, you can hear the haunting call of the loon echoing in the distance. With its bold red backgr...

Lake House

This "Lake House" pillow on green, will float a raft of memories when placed in your home, lodge or cabin. Bring the...

Two Black Bears

This 8" x 24" hooked wool pillow depicts two black bears wandering into your home, lodge, or cabin. Set against a be...

Fox Face

A handsome red fox watches you from this pillow - what is he thinking? Bring fun, fanciful wildlife into your home,...
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Khaki Moose

A light moose is featured on this khaki background with a bold red border. It is sure to please those with a neutral...
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Gone Fishing

Whether you have gone fishing for real or it is simply your state of mind, this 8" x 24" hooked pillow will cast you...

Chris Craft

The classic Chris Craft power boat has ridden the waves of many lakes and rivers for decades. With it s sleek line,...

Cabin Fever

Get a serious case of cabin fever with this 8" x 24" hooked pillow. Against a brown background, this home accent pil...

Fall Leaves

Change your decor with these leaves, falling gracefully onto your sofa. With a black background and colorful leaves...

Get Lost

Get lost in this 8" x 24" hooked pillow. The world of hiking and trekking is full of wonders. Savor those memories...

Moose Crossing

Celebrate winter, and celebrate moose with this 8" x 24" hand-hooked wool pillow. Make a statement in your home, lod...

Mountain Moose

Allow yourself to be pulled into this purple-mountains-majesty scene featuring a proud moose. With this 8" x 24" han...

Quail Family

By inviting this quail family into your house, lodge, or cabin, you will bring the outdoors in. The quail family, as...

Big Bear

A big, burly bear takes a stroll across the pillow and into your heart. Bears are a timeless addition to any home, th...
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