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Fishing for Design

Where do we get the ideas for our hooked wool pillow and rug designs? We look around us. Everything at Chandler 4 Corners is designed in Vermont and many pieces reflect our vibrant, verdant surroundings.The Battenkill is a world-renowned river that, in many ways, defines our region. It is a recreational and site-seeing mecca, but... view more

Simple and Affordable Room Remodel

How Area Rugs Can Give Your Room a Whole New Look Change an entire room’s decor instantly with area rugs. Nothing could be simpler or as inexpensive. Area rugs can be swapped out with the seasons, so your home always has the appropriate sensibility. Aside from the ease of replacing them, and dramatic changes they bring, here are 6 ... view more

Hand-Hooked Wool: What Is It (and Why Do We Love It SO MUCH)?

Hand-hooked area rugs, throw pillows and home accents are the cornerstone of Chandler 4 Corners. Why is hand-hooked wool so perfect for us? We only 100% wool, including New Zealand merino, so we start with the best basic ingredients. We always hand hook with 100% wool yarn because wool is so very strong and durable.... view more

A Chandler Fan Goes to the Dogs. Hooray!

Henry Chandler writes:We have a friend who moved from Vermont to Pennsylvania. She is a big Chandler 4 Corners fan and spreads the C4C gospel wherever she goes. So when she asked a favor of us, we were all ears. She wondered if we would contribute some of our home accents to her new... view more

​Chandler 4 Corners Designer Judith Reilly Featured in Victoria Magazine

Judith Reilly, a fabric artist and designer for Chandler 4 Corners, is the star of an 8-page article in the July/August issue of Victoria Magazine. In lavish photos, including the lead photo showing many of her"Woodstock Collection" hooked wool rugs made by Chandler 4 Corners, the article details the Brandon, Vermont artist’s awakening to her artistic... view more