Santa Collection

Santa Claus pillows, Santa Claus rugs. Decorating is easy this holiday season. What could be more jolly than Santa Claus decor all around!


(9" x 20" x 0")
This charming Santa inspired Christmas stocking is bound to make the holiday season a little more joyous. Designed in...

Merry Santa

(8" x 24" x 5")
Santa is all dressed in his red cap and coat, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!! Designed in Vermont by Laura Megroz.

Santa's Last Delivery

(14" x 20" x 5")
Our rustic Santa is bringing home the Christmas Tree, presents, and even dinner in his favorite canoe. Decorate your...
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Snow Dashing

(14" x 20" x 5")
Santa and his sleigh with one reindeer dash across this pillow. Perfect holiday colors celebrate Christmas in this c...
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Jolly Ole Santa

(18" x 18" x 5")
A smiling Santa poses among a field of green trees. Christmas is a time of joy and gift giving and Santa is the mess...
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Winter Santa

(18" x 18" x 5")
Our Santa smiles through it all. Surrounded by a blizzard of snowflakes, our Santa maintains his happy cheer. Red,...
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Dashing Through the Snow

(15" x 30" x 6")
Santa in his sleigh with two reindeer will dash across your couch celebrating the Christmas holiday. A super-sized p...