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Corner Talk - Hooked Wool Design

Laura Megroz -The Designer’s Life

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"What have I learned from working with Henry Chandler and Chandler 4 Corners? One thing is patience - that it takes a long time for things to evolve from the germ of an idea to the appearance in a catalogue. I’m still not very good at being patient, but I’m getting better," Laura Megroz said with a wry smile.

Lead Designer at Chandler 4 Corners, Laura Megroz recently shared some of her thoughts about the design process and her approach to designing our home accents. She works on hooked wool pillows and rugs, hooked wool hardwood furniture tops, and accessories, such as hooked Christmas stockings and chair pads, and canvas pillows.

Her background and training included art, but not textile design. “I did a double major in English and Art in college. That included several drawing and painting classes but definitely nothing that prepared me for where I am today. I have always taken art classes. Jewelry, painting, paper cutting, lampshade-making to name a few. I find that working away from textiles broadens my imagination,” she said.

Laura, shown at left at the Peru Fair in Vermont, works in her studio in the morning, when the light is best. She generally takes a midday break for lunch and a walk, and then returns to the studio for the afternoon.

She prefers the organization that a list brings, so she is always happiest when Henry Chandler sends over some ideas for her to pursue. When Laura has a list, such as one Henry sent over recently asking for a new lodge blanket, a new golden retriever pillow, and an anchor pillow, she starts researching and sketching, and that is what really gets the creative juices flowing. Once she has a good idea in mind, she will stick with it until it’s done, preferring not to stop and break the flow.

Laura keeps her ideas fresh by changing gears, for example going from working on a Western motif to a nautical one to break up the process and allow new colors and icons to come into play.

As for creating with textiles herself? She has taken a hooked wool class to become familiar with the process, but she does not now hook, nor does she knit, weave, spin or even sew much any more. When she was younger, she made quilts and leather clothing, but today it is designing, not the actual making, that she enjoys.

Asked what she loves most about her job, Laura said, “I love the day to day routine of designing and then actually seeing my work completed. It’s still a thrill to me to go to Chandler 4 Corners on a day when new designs have come into the building!”

Laura Megroz has been Lead Designer for Chandler 4 Corners for more than 20 years. She works out of her home studio in Londonderry, VT, where she has inspiring views of Stratton Mountain out the window.


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