Simple and Affordable Room Remodel

How Area Rugs Can Give Your Room a Whole New Look


Change an entire room’s decor instantly with area rugs. Nothing could be simpler or as inexpensive. Area rugs can be swapped out with the seasons, so your home always has the appropriate sensibility.

Aside from the ease of replacing them, and dramatic changes they bring, here are 6 compelling reasons you should be thinking that area rugs are your home decor answer.

  1. Area rugs warm up a space. They insulate and enliven a room - so they “warm it up” two ways.
  2. They add intimacy by reducing noise, muffling sound, enhancing coziness, especially compared to bare wood or tile floors.
  3. They bring pattern and color into your space. More colorful patterns and designs are trending up in home decorating as people are getting braver with their decorating.
  4. Area rugs protect floors from damage and even protect you! Bathrooms are a natural place for an area rug or runner. They warm the floor and with a rug down, you won’t slip on a wet floor!
  5. An area or accent rug is soft underfoot. Great by your bed or in your chilly hallway, it makes walking with bare feet a complete pleasure!
  6. Area rugs are much easier to clean (or replace) than carpeting. By a door or other heavy traffic areas, an area rug will catch muddy paws and shoes. Choose wool—it wears like iron, repels dirt and moisture, and vacuums clean. Although much has been written about the ease and popularity of cotton rugs, they will not wear like wool.

Area rugs are an affordable and sophisticated way to give your rooms a seasonal refresher. And they work beautifully over carpeting or larger rugs, too, so never hesitate to throw one down and perk things up! 



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