Hand-Hooked Wool: What Is It (and Why Do We Love It SO MUCH)?

Hand-Hooked Wool: What Is It (and Why Do We Love It SO MUCH)?

Hand-hooked area rugs, throw pillows and home accents are the cornerstone of Chandler 4 Corners. Why is hand-hooked wool so perfect for us?

  1. We only 100% wool, including New Zealand merino, so we start with the best basic ingredients. We always hand hook with 100% wool yarn because wool is so very strong and durable. Wool’s elasticity retains a dense pile through the weight of furniture and foot traffic. It also means it is more likely to stretch than break.
  2. We love that the craft of hand-hooking developed right here in New England when inspired factory workers took home the discarded ends of weavings—leftover wool bits called “thrums”—and started hand making rugs by looping them through old burlap sacks. That handiwork tradition is one we still value—all our hooked products are hand-crafted. Indeed, we were the first to re-introduce this craft to a national audience with our first hand-hooked pillows in the 1990s, and we remain the leader in hand-hooked wool home accents.
  3. Wool is naturally fire resistant. While wool may catch fire, it will not support a flame—a highly desirable quality in our hearth rugs. It also naturally repels liquids. Good to know if you throw a bucket of water on that spark smoldering on the hearth rug.
  4. Another benefit is that wool provides excellent sound insulation, a lovely asset you don’t always think about when enjoying one of our thick, cushiony hooked wool rugs.
  5. Wool naturally resists static electricity (by absorbing air moisture). It stays cleaner longer and resists dirt. Thesame qualities of wool that prevent static electricity also protect against lint and dust attraction.
  6. Perhaps best of all, wool is a completely sustainable, renewable product. As long as the sheep are happy, there will be wool!

It’s easy to see why wool is the premium material of choice at Chandler 4 Corners.



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