A Holiday Wish List for Grown Ups

Most of us thinking about holiday gift-giving have at least one special person who presents a challenge. What can you give them to express your love and regard in a meaningful way? As kids, our holiday wish lists were made up of things that we loved, with a few trendy items thrown in. The gifts that became our favorites weren’t what was popular, but what brought us endless comfort and amusement. You may still have that beloved stuffed animal or toy truck, despite having outgrown it years ago. Why? Because it became a part of you, and who you were.

Gifting the hard-to-shop-for has never been easier, with hand-crafted, 100% wool home décor from Chandler 4 Corners. Celebrate the child within by appealing to the recipient’s interests!

The Best Gift Ideas for Lifestyle Enthusiasts

Our talented New England artists have created an incredible array of designs inspired by the world around us, and the things that we love. Our dogs. Wildlife. Nature. Skiing. Canoeing. Fishing. Mountains and lakes. The ocean. Americana. And more.

You’ll find these themes throughout our line of home décor. Throw pillows. Lumbar pillows. Chair pads. Coasters. Rugs of all sizes. Benches and footstools. Blankets with embroidered motifs. Each beautifully rendered in richly dyed wool to complement any home, any décor, and is made with quality and durability in mind to offer lasting pleasure to the people on your gift list.

Start a New Gift-Giving Tradition

Many of our customers love to add to their collections each year. There are so many ways to do so! Imbue a room with a single theme, or mix it up by tossing a few throw pillows on the sofa, adding an accent rug and snuggling under a cozy blanket. Take the guesswork out of your gift giving for years to come by creating a new gift-giving tradition in 2021!



For over a quarter century, Chandler 4 Corners has made high quality, hand-crafted, artist-designed decorative accents. We commission accomplished artists to design home décor that expresses your passion for the out-of-doors, gladdens your heart,